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Category: Bench Shirts
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Rage X
The newly improved RageX is the sensational shirt that's helping powerlifters sweep the earth with massive bench presses.
Price:  $165.00


The Rage
The bench shirt that’s storming the globe! The Rage is the superior bench shirt of the round-sleeve type shirts, and at an unbeatable price for this genre of bench shirt! Bench more in The Rage than in any other round-sleeve, guaranteed!
Price:  $95.00


The SDP (Superduper Phenom) is recognized worldwide as the pinnacle of extreme bench pressing equipment. For pro level Multi-ply Powerlifting. This is the best of the best that the majority of Multi-ply world records are performed in.
Price:  $300.00


The Phenom is an extreme top-end bench shirt that will provide you with phenomenal bench press performance, features and power. Made from the legendary HardCore material.
Price:  $145.00


Extra High Performance HD Blast
Extreme performance. The top of the line in the HD™ material shirts. Extra reinforcement and peaked out Radical™ technology. Recommended for experienced lifters only.
Price:  $100.00


High Performance HD Blast
Steps above in Radical™ technology, the HPHD will enter you into the world of the more extreme designs. Made from quality, HD ™ polyester material.
Price:  $77.00


Heavy Duty Blast Shirt
The entry level of the Heavy Duty series Blast Shirt. Support and relative comfort in a heavier poly material (HD ™). Provides good support and flexibility of movement in your form.
Price:  $58.00


Standard Blast Shirt
Based on the original, legendary design. Made of unique material found in no other shirt. Many experienced athletes still prefer this bench shirt. Unbeatable value and price.
Price:  $43.95


Radical Denim Bench Shirt
Extreme performance technology makes the Radical Denim the choice of most all the world record breakers who wear a denim shirt. The heaviest construction available for the maximum in benching prowess.
Price:  $100.00


Standard Denim Bench Shirt
Excellent support in heavy denim material provides easy on/off fitting and stiff type support. The Standard Denim is an excellent shirt for the denim preference. Heavy construction will provide you with long wear and results.
Price:  $80.00


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