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Guide: Choosing Knee Wraps

When your goal is:


    Intense competition Powerlifting: IronWraps-Z, 2.0 meter length, True Black Wraps 2.0 meter.
    Gripper Wraps 2.0 meter

    Pro-Level Powerlifting: Black Beauty Wraps 3.0 meter length, True Black Wraps, 2.5 meter, Gripper Wraps 2.5 meter

    Competition Powerlifting, beginning to moderate level:  Power-Surge Red Line

Bodybuilding, Fitness and Weightlifting

    Heavy training and overload work:  IronWraps-Z, 2.0 length. True Black Wraps, 2 meter.
    Gripper Wraps 2.0 meter

    High repetition sets, comfort support, and various leg work:  Power-Surge Red Line

Strength Training and all Sports

    Heavy overload training for all sports:  IronWraps-Z, 2.0 meter length.
    True Black Wraps, 2 meter, Gripper Wraps 2.0 meter

    Endurance sports:  1. Knee Sleeves XT.  2. Power-Surge Red Line

    High repetition work, various leg work, cardio:  1. Power-Surge Red Line,
    2. Knee Sleeves XT

    Adventure sports, Xtreme sports, motor sports:  Knee Sleeves XT

Strongman competition

    Most strongman events: Knee Sleeves XT

    Strongman deadlift:  Knee Sleeves XT

    Various squat events:  IronWraps-Z, 2.5 meter length.  (can cut length to suit yourself)
    True Black Wraps 2.5 meter. (can cut length to suit yourself), Gripper Wraps 2.5 meter (can cut length to suit     yourself)

Physical Rehabilitation

    Mobility training:  Knee Sleeves XT

    Reduce/control joint swelling:  Knee Sleeves XT

    Weight training:  Power-Surge Red LineIronWrapsZ, 2.0 meter
    True Black Wraps 2.0 meter, Gripper Wraps 2.0 meter