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Powerlifting Belts   Check Out

Forever Lever Belt™ 13MM
The 13mm thick Lever Belt™ is so quick and easy to use. Tighten your belt with a push of the patented Lever for the most support possible.
Price: $97.00

Forever Lever Belt™ 10MM
All the manufacturing quality and Lever Belt™ action in a pliable 10mm thickness.
Price: $89.95

Forever Buckle Belt™ 13MM
The firmest, best belt in the world with unmatched buckle strength.
Available in one or two prong zinc plated
steel, seamless roller buckle.

Price: $97.00

Forever Buckle Belt™ 10MM
Forever Belt ™ quality in the 10mm choice. Available in one or two prong precision buckle.
Price: $89.95

Forever Bodybuilding™ Tapered Lever
The most super quality, tapered power belt for bodybuilding or powerlifting. Guaranteed Forever™!
Price: $69.95

Forever Bodybuilding™ Tapered Buckle
This rugged tapered belt features a precision one-prong buckle and the Forever Belt™ select, exclusive leather.
Price: $69.95

A big step forward in Powerlifting Belts! For the first time ever a powerlifting belt provides you with the safety and power to fit yourself differently each set, precisely how you need it.
Price: $140.00