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Please allow up to 4 – 6 weeks for delivery on most custom color Forever Belts due to very high demand this year. Forever Belts in Black are normally in stock most of the time.

Powerlifting Belts   Check Out

Forever Lever Belt™ 13MM
The 13mm thick Lever Belt™ is so quick and easy to use. Tighten your belt with a push of the patented Lever for the most support possible.
Price: $97.00

Forever Lever Belt™ 10MM
All the manufacturing quality and Lever Belt™ action in a pliable 10mm thickness.
Price: $89.95

Forever Buckle Belt™ 13MM
The firmest, best belt in the world with unmatched buckle strength.
Available in one or two prong zinc plated
steel, seamless roller buckle.

Price: $97.00

Forever Buckle Belt™ 10MM
Forever Belt ™ quality in the 10mm choice. Available in one or two prong precision buckle.
Price: $89.95

Forever Bodybuilding™ Tapered Lever
The most super quality, tapered power belt for bodybuilding or powerlifting. Guaranteed Forever™!
Price: $69.95

Forever Bodybuilding™ Tapered Buckle
This rugged tapered belt features a precision one-prong buckle and the Forever Belt™ select, exclusive leather.
Price: $69.95

A big step forward in Powerlifting Belts! For the first time ever a powerlifting belt provides you with the power to fit yourself differently each set, precisely how you need it.
Price: $140.00