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Gift Certificates and Coupons

Reedeem Gift Certificates/Coupons

Gift Certificates and Coupons are redeemed in the same way. Here’s how to redeem your inzernet.com Coupon or Gift Certificate.

During the checkout process click the “Click Here To Enter A Coupon or Gift Certificate!” link.

After you have clicked the link, enter your Coupon or Gift Certificate code in the space provided. Then click the “submit” button to activate your Coupon or Gift Certificate. Only one Coupon or Gift Certificate can be used at a time; if a second Coupon or Gift Certificate is entered, any discounts that were previously applied to the order will be overwritten. A Coupon or Gift Certificate must be used completely on one order. Your order total will show the amount discounted from your order as a result of your Coupon or Gift Certificate.

Enjoy your shopping!